BITB – SEASON 3 – EPISODE 2 – Ye and Jack’s Abby

Hey everyone!!

In the season 3 opener, I discussed committing to listening to some Kanye West. Well, I stayed true to my word and I do a review of not only what my thoughts are on Kanye but review a very tasty beer, as well. Jacks Abby!!

Both of which were pleasant surprises.

Why did I review Kanye? I never heard any of his music and my opinions were all formed based on pop culture references and tabloid drama. I thought it would be interesting to see if this guy was even any good. Turns out…he aaight.

Also, I had a contest. Guess that sound!!! Take a listen to the first 3 minutes of the episode and even if you bail, try and guess the sound and win a lame prize!!! I will reveal in episode 3 what the prize was and maybe even shoutout to the winner.


Showcasing Vault Brewing Beer can


Showcasing Vault Brewing Beer can
Trenton makes with Vault Brewing in the foreground.

Hello everyone!! I haven’t been doing podcasts in FOREVER. Welp, I’m back, bitches!! Carona is still a thing and forever will be. Between a pandemic, work drama and…A BABY, I have finally found the time and motivation to bring back BITB.

Todays episode consists of my mixed review of vault brewing IPA. Also, I touch on people from the past reaching out and trying to connect and how that can be a good thing or a bad thing.

If you want to get involved, please do!!!


Hi. Been a while. How are you?

Podfade hitting me hard. Wanted to pop in and say hello, talk about Carona for a few and let everyone know I’m OK.

Here is a pic of my mug and below is my setup at home. Old ass iMac. All crunched to one side since my day job is work from home and that’s taking up all my desk space!

Anyway, give me a shout!


BITB – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 9 Maine Beer Co, Pizza Boxes and ATM Drama

Hello loyal friends! Just wanted to pop in with a quick solo cast. I haven’t been around in forever, it seems. I’ve been beezee, mang! I know we all have stuff to do but I’ve also felt like a really want to put out a good product. In turn, it’s been taking the fun away. So, I’m back with an episode of what I love to do. Talk on mic, goof off, speak my mind and relax. Hope you guys like it. I’m a bit cynical on this one but hey…it’s my mood.

Not doing a bunch of promo. Just chilling in the basement with a Maine Beer Co beer and talking about Pizza Boxes being good advertising, Portland Maine, and how some douche at an ATM ruined my day.



BITB – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 8 – WTF!? and Ithaca Flower Power

WTF!? Tim, the brains and brawn behind the WTF!? food brand.

We have a great time talking about smoke water and all the local chat of Ewing, NJ.

Tim gives a lesson on being an entrepreneur, always hustling and keeping a positive attitude.

One of the subjects that come up is suicide. Suicide affects so many and at BITB, we care, so PLEASE, If you or someone you know, needs help, call the National Suicide Hotline. 1-800-273-8255.

Back to the fun though, Tim demonstrates a MukBang and it’s hilarious!!

I also learned, listening back, that I curse WAY TOO MUCH. The occasional F bomb is cool but towards the end of this episode, I’m a little loosey goosey and I just curse like mad. I need help.


BITB – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 7 – Left Hand Brewing is Deeeelish and Dave

Our guest teaches us about coming from nothing and making something. Putting on your bigboy pants and making moves.

This was a fun interview because Dave lets his guard down, busts my chops but lays it down for us. I was thrown off guard because this was a more serious interview then I’m used to. Took me a while to find the groove but I think fans of BITB can definitely find Dave’s story relatable and interesting.

Rock on!!

Left Hand Brewing kills is with a wonderful Stout…YUM!

PLEASE, check out Cancer Support Community of Greater Philadelphia!!!! Great cause, great people offering support for even greater people!!!! <3


Today I bring in my friend Jay Dugan!

Jay shares about local business pride (Trenton, NJ), community, graphic design, keto diet, will power and raising some good kids.

This was a fun episode and loved all the candid conversation!

Talented dude and a super fun cast!

Give a shout to Radical Creative!!!

I drink some delicious Troegs Perpetual and manage to barely discuss it.. and of course…everyone loves the Mill Six!


Today my dude Buck stopped by the basement and we get serious! No, really.

This was supposed to be episode 1 but you know, its me…I change it up.

Lot’s of fun drinking a random beer that ended up being pretty decent and having talks about EVERYTHING, including:

Harley’s, Port wine, beer, Military, patriotism. M’urica!!!

BITB – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 4 – PITP Promo, Death Metal and White Claw

Hey everyone!!

I felt like doing a quick episode tonight, just because.

I do a Pints in the Park promotion. Buy tickets!!!! Going to be super fun.

Also, I chat a little bit about dudes that spit in urinals and wonder if the ladies have a gross bathroom habit.

Music from back in the day and general nonsense.



BITB – SEASON 2 – EPISODE 3 – Cigars with an Expert, Whisky and Mikes Hard (lol)

The clicking sound goes away…I swurr!

This is a great one. I was so wrapped up in conversation with Tank, I forgot to take pics. Total fail on my part, friends!!

We talk: Cigars, cigar shops, whisky, self motivation, self help and overall great times!

Tank comes from A Taste of Cuba in New Hope, PA and Princeton, NJ. He knows his shit. We met on a whim and hit it off. I had to have him on the cast. He surprises me with his world view and driven attitude at only 23 years old!!

Mikes Hard Lemonade is so good but so bad. Don’t judge me…fuckers 😉